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Buying Dips and Selling RalliesBuying Dips and Selling Rallies is something that every trader should learn to do, its one of the most fundamental parts of trading. Some people do this without even knowing they are doing it when they are shorting below resistance or going long around support.

If you’re looking to make profits in the stock market you have probably already heard the terms Buying Dips and Selling Rallies.

I have put together a ten page trading ebook titled An exact science to Buying Dips and Selling Rallies.

This is the process I have perfected over many years of trading and that I use every time I trade when buying dips and selling rallies, I hope it can provide you with some insight into the way I approach this method of trading.

This strategy works best with stocks/equities because many companies have periods of growth followed by periods of retracement before continuing on a move higher.

This approach means you can profit over a period of days, weeks, months or even years.

This method of trading is one of the most time tested methods out there. I cannot even remember the amount of books where I have encountered traders using this method or similar methods to take money from the markets with this simple effective method of trading.

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Learn how Buying Dips and Selling Rallies makes profit

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