Our 10 part trading series

learn to tradeIf you’re new to trading then this free guide is perfect for you. Maybe you’re interested in the Forex market or you are looking to learn to trade stocks from home. Our mini guide will help you learn the basics of trading.

When we have run courses in the past we have noted down the problems that most traders have faced and tried to find ways to help beginners. This has turned into email series detailed below.

Our beginners guide to trading is a series of 10 emails which we will send to you each day for the next ten days. We will teach you the 10 key things you will need to know before you get started trading.

Our ten step guide to trading is called “Becoming a Trader” and it is the perfect series for a complete beginner or someone who has only been dabbling with the markets for a short while.

We have taken the time to put the information needed into an email for you. Each day you will receive a new email with a new lesson. This will teach you the framework needed to becoming a trader.

Learning to trade can be very easy with the correct information. We find that people who follow these 10 steps go a long way in trading. The tips and information in these lessons are information which we use our trading every day.

We hope you enjoy this email series and we would love to hear your feedback.

You will receive the following emails from us:

Becoming a Trader

Types of Financial Markets

Placing Trades with Brokers

Trading / Charting Platforms and Data

Basic Trading Principals

Indicators, Setups and Systems

Trading Psychology

Trading Plans and Trading Journals

Further Education and Fellow Traders

Take Trading Seriously

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