A Simple Approach To Trend Trading

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trend tradingOne of the biggest problems traders face is knowing what currency pair or stock to trade. There is a very simple answer to this question, trade the instrument that has the strongest trend. Trend trading ensures you are trading in the right direction. The stronger the trend the higher the probability you have of a winning trade. Trading the trend is a must for all traders. We have all heard the phrase “the trend is your friend”. Well this is a very true stement.

At the Dynamite Indicators we highly recommend trend trading. We also make trading this way very simple with our range of trading systems and trading indicators. Using our indicators trading is very simple. The longer the trading indicators have been blue the stronger the uptrend is. The longer the trading indicators have been red the stronger the downtrend is. Either way you know you are trend trading. We have two trading indicators in particular that ensure you are trend trading.

Trend Trading Indicator

This is the simplest trading indicator we have. This tells us exactly what the trend is on any give time frame. If its blue you should want to buy if its red you should want to sell. The is the best way to trend trade. This may be simple but it is incredibly effective. The trend indicator is the perfect indicator for trend trading.

VMA Indicator

To make the trend even clearer you can also use the VMA trading indicator to confirm the trend. This is a price action indicator which tells you exactly what price is doing. Again if the indicator is blue price is going up If the indicator is red price is going down If the VMA and Trend indicators do not match you know the trend is weak and may be about to reverse. So you would be best not trading this instrument. If both the trend indicator and VMA match you know you are trend trading properly.


Trading the trend will immediately enhance your profitability and TiG trend indicator and TiG VMA indicator will ensure you are indeed trading. Counter trend trading is too hit and miss for my liking. Most top traders make their money trend trading. Using these two trading indicators can change your trading dramatically. Just by trend trading alone you can really expect your trading profits to increase.

We are currently doing a great deal on these two trading indicators. Contact us for more details.

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  1. Hi
    I live in New Jersey, US. I took my trading lessons from Online Trading Academy and operate using the TradeStation , mainly for Futures- day trading.
    I have not been able to fully master the trading platform and hence remain unsuccessful in making money. Most part of it because of my ability to analyze.
    Do you think your product can sit over TradeStation and is that legal? Will it in any way adversely impact my current efforts? What is the price of your Day Trading software? Do you have any free trial period to familiarize and make an informed decision?
    Please let em know

    Ravi Iyer

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