Do You Know What You Are Looking For?

We love that you have found your way to Dynamite Indicators, but a lot of traders are just finding their way and may not be sure what they are looking for! So this page has been built to help you.

What Type Of Trader Are You?

The number one reason traders fail is trying to trade a method of trading that does not suite your finances or lifestyle. This is why we put together the free trading consultation. Here we will find out how much money you have, how much time you have and your lifestyle and we will guide you to a plan which will work for you. It does not matter weather you have a fulltime or other commitments, we have lots of plans to suite any trader. So dont waste any more time and fill in the form on the trading consultation page, it does not require a meeting, just a simple form to fill out.

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You Dont Just Get Fantastic Systems

If you decide to buy either the Day Trader One or the Home Trading System, you dont get just the software. You also get a Personal Trading Plan which is a step by step plan on exactly what to do each day to profit. Its written for you and no 2 are alike. We find out everything about you and then email you the plan, this is a massive key top success and works amazingly. You then get a 1 hour coaching session where we will set everything up, show you around and look at some live trades. Once you are seup you get ongoing support at our private facebook group and monthly live On-Track Webinars. We have been doing this for over 10 years and have found this combination has made more successful traders than every. Its like having your own personal trading coach.

Trading Indicators

Maybe you know exactly why you are here and your are looking for one of our Trading Indicators or Trading Systems. Either of which are great assets to any trader. The Systems are compelte packages and the Trading Indicators are there to maximise trading or build your own trading system.

Get Our Weekly Stock Watch List

Subscribe to our weekly Stock Watch List. Every weekend I prepare a list of stocks that I am looking to day trade in the coming week. You can have this emailed to you every Sunday by Clicking Here. If you are trading stocks it is vital you are prepared and this list really helps. I never deviate away from this list in the week. I just put it on my chart with the day trading software and take the entries.

Trading Platforms

All of our Trading Systems and Trading Indicators are made for the top 6 Charting Platforms, these are TradeStation, eSignal, Ninjatrader, MultiCharts, MetaTrader and ShareScope. This is where the live data comes in for the software to work with. If you are not already using one of these and dont know which one to pick, dont worry just drop me an email and ill help you РEmail me here

One Off Cost

We want to focus on keeping your money where you need it which is in your trading account so all of our trading packages and trading indicators are a one off cost. There is no monthly subscription or tie ins. Its your for life for the price you see on the page.

Still Confused?

Its ok, I know anything new can be daunting and with trading its even more so with so many options to chose from. Its key that we find out a bit more so we can help you to start making money. Maybe you dont have much time available and not much money, this is where Forex or Penny Stocks come in to play to help grow account sizes. Maybe you already have a large sum of money and just want to swing trade, its all fine. We just need to make sure you are doing what is needed so that you profit. Please drop me an email so I can help you. Dont just buy things on a whim and hope. There are little things I can do to make sure your money goes up and not down. Email Me Today