stock trading software

Stock Trading Software

Stock Trading Software are digital assistants of part-time and full-time traders, helping them mitigate risks and make profitable investments.

International Forex fluctuations, stock movements, differential market ranges, and various other trading factors make the stock market a puzzle in itself. Even if you do not work full time, staring at the screen and observing point variables in small time frames could still leave you exhausted by the end of the day.

Trading demands time, energy, and passion. An adrenaline rush after watching ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ or reading Warren Buffet’s dividend stock publications is not enough. You need assistance, a kind of help that indicates trading fluctuations precisely and accurately, while saving up your time and energy. Stock Trading Software applications are used to automate your trading functions and minimize work and time load, so that even if you do not join the league of the planet’s richest people, you still make a handsome amount off the stock market.

What is a Stock Trading Software?

You need a precise estimation of market statistics to make up your mind about entering or exiting the stock market. As a professional trader, you would know that it may not be wise to enter a ranging market. However, can you spend the entire day estimating the fluctuating market ranges before making a decision?

A Stock Trading Software is an trading system that functions as a combination of mechanical and algorithmic trading techniques to establish rules, lines or estimations. The traders can decipher these estimations into their trading decisions. The software does not take over a trader’s liberty to make a decision, instead, it only provides an outlook of market movements throughout the day, along with suggesting areas that are prospective to increase profits. Stock Trading Software applications essentially assist traders in finding the most crucial trading answers: to sell or to buy in a trading market.

stock trading software

The Coding Language of Stock Trading Software

The trade entry or exit rules are called indicators. The functions of indicators in Stock Trading Software are customized according to the user’s requirements. When launched onto the trading charts, the indicators take market movements into account and generate precise and accurate results, which can be viewed as charts. The results represent risk and success probabilities as well as trending movements in the market.
The language of these indicators is usually an IT command, suitable to the user’s chosen trading platform. For instance, NinjaTrader Indicators uses NinjaScript as a programming language of the indicators. It configures the ‘ready-to-use’ indicators automatically; however, the indicators programmed in NinjaScript cannot be used on other stock trading software applications.

How Stock Trading Software Assists Everyday Trading Functions

The benefits of using a stock trading software are infinite, especially when it comes to the full-time employees and businessmen. Its time-saving benefit is evident from its concept, but it also brings various other pros, including the following.

Professional System for New Traders

Amateur traders, or people who have just entered the market, could be abandoned in the aggressively growing stock market. The chances of risk are also high for new traders. A stock trading software provides a detailed essence of market fluctuations and movements throughout the day. Some software that are specifically designed for the amateur traders represent safe function areas for mitigating risks in trading markets.

Minimal Stress

The emotional trauma of the stock market is often overseen until we step into the market and experience it ourselves. The stress is overwhelming, and could distract you from your financial plan. Many times, traders make wrong investments at the wrong time, which we commonly call ‘stress investments’ (Just like stress eating).

The hard truth about the stock market is that the market is not independent of traders. It depends on the traders ‘who lose.’ The success rate of daily trading pretty much depends on people who lose their money, to let other traders consume it. If you are making the standard 10% ROI from the stock market, you are among the average traders. Agree or not, stress plays an important part in your investments. It might have laid you aback from taking risks at certain times – risks that turned out to be the greatest investments of time.

Stress also triggers ‘blind trading.’ It pushes sensitive factors of the market behind the curtains, leaving you confused and vulnerable to take up a predictable risk. However, a stock trading software does not let any factor pass unnoticeably through its codes. It keeps a track of all the factors and provides you with a graphical illustration of day-long activities to assist you in making a decision. This way, the chances of ‘stress investment’ and its associated risks are minimal.


Backtesting refers to analysing and evaluating the market history and data to determine and predict the impact of a prospective decision on your ROI. The backtesting indicators of a stock trading software can be used to predict the impact of an investment, before actually investing the money in it. This allows traders to determine market expectancy per unit in terms of profit or loss.

Consistency, Discipline and Accuracy

The first challenge in the stock market is to plan a trade. The second one is to trade that plan. In the stock market, unpredictability serves as the beauty and the beast (of course, pun intended). It is pure luck if a trade works 100% according to the plan in the given market. However, if a trader loses two or three trades in a row, chances are that the trader will skip attempting the next trade.
A stock trading software provides well-scripted information that is closest to accuracy; in fact it is accurate most of the times. The software keeps you going and moving consistently to maintain a disciplined and well-organized work system. With this kind of work system, the chances of missing the next trade (which could be your best deal of life) are almost zero.

Diversified Trading

Worried about entering new markets? Scared of losing money in a different market? Fear investing in multiple markets at a time? Trading systems are versatile software that enable diversified trading in multiple markets simultaneously. You can distribute your investments and potential risks associated with the points on different stock instruments to enhance your profit margins, using a stock trading software. The software will scan the trading opportunities and mitigate the risks by monitoring trades and orders in all markets (which is beyond human capacity in general).

Fast Trading

Needless to say, stock trading software speeds up your trading activities. It does not require you to stare at the screen with a calculator 24/7. Complete your day job, manage your small business, or even spend a nice day at the beach while on vacation, and the application will keep monitoring and estimating the trades throughout the day for you. You need to spend a few minutes with the screen at the end of the day, assessing the graphical illustrations produced by the software, and then use the illustrations to buy, sell or retain your stocks.

Simply put, Stock Trading Software helps:

Mitigate or minimize risk by evaluating the threat areas in the market

Maximize profits by marginalizing the profit areas in the market

Understand market movements to predict trade simulations

Conceive a better and bigger picture of the market movements, using technical and economic charts

Build securities against your investments

Work as full-time trading professionals, while investing as low as 25% of the working time

Improve decisions based on short-term and long-term gains

Secure investments by minimizing risk

Acquire peace of mind

Stock trading software serves as the third eye of traders. It not only helps automate trading but also makes trading safer and free from mechanical and manual failures. Trading efficiency strongly depends on the choice of application you use. With an efficient software, you don’t even need the Wall Street playbook to become one of the 5% most successful traders. Here at Dynamite Indicators we have three major types or stock trading software. These are, Swing Trading Software, Day Trading Software and Scalp Trading Software. Each one helps with a specific trading task and can be either used on their own or together to create a complete trading package.

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