They Key To Trading Success

Hope all is well with you. I have been away for some time now working on ways to make traders profitable.

I want to make it so easy you can’t fail and this is why I have created the following.

From this day on, EVERY trader who buys one of our packages such as the Day Trader Package or the Swing Trader Package will get a Personal Trading Plan and 1 Hour of Coaching, they will then receive access to our PRIVATE Facebook group full of traders like yourself, not only that but we will give monthly live “On Track” Webinars to keep you on the right track.

Let Me Explain

In recent years the trading industry has been in a bad way, its full of sales pitches offering the world and generic trading courses. The problem with this is they are not built FOR YOU. They are built for the masses. 

You need to know what sort of trader you are and that’s why we offer everyone a free Trading Consultation, this is where we find out what sort of trader you are, what money you have and time available and put you on the right track from day one. 

Once we decide what trader you are and you purchase the correct trading system we then write you a personal trading plan, this is a set of step by step instructions on what to do each day. With this, you cannot fail It is as details and to the point as a pilots flight plan.

Then you get a 1-hour coaching session where we get your system setup and do some live trading. 

You can then chat amoungst other traders in the Facebook group for ideas on what we are trading and live trades being posted.

Lastly, we do live monthly webinars where we look at and chat about the trades that I have been looking at or trading. 

With all of this, you cannot fail.


To put it into perspective, here are all of my trades I have Swing Traded since 2008 with the Swing Trader Package, all verified and posted with profit and loss. I can also show pictures of my bank account with this 1.2 million in profitTHIS IS USING THE SAME TRADING STYLE I WRITE YOU PLAN WITH.


I want you to succeed, its good for you and its good for me. I love hearing stories of traders succeeding, its what it is all about!!!!!

Don’t step into 2020 without a plan and a setup. We provide it all for a 1 off fee. 

If you want to discuss further drop me an email.

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