What makes the Day Trader One so special

At the Dynamite Indicators we truly believe we make the best trading software and trading indicators on the market today. Today I was asked by a customer exactly why I believe the day trader one system is the best trading system on the market. I will tell you exactly why I believe so…

Incredible accuracy

day trader oneMost trading software and trading indicators simply just give one signal telling you whether you should buy or sell. In our opinion that is not enough. The day trader one gives you two signals. This gives you the added assurance you are only taking the best trades possible. This increases your probabilities even higher. As the day trader one gives you two (the painted bars and the dots) you have double the accuracy of any normal system. That really gives you a very high success rate meaning you have the absolute confidence in the system so you can trade it will

Consistently profitable system

We want our day trader one customers to be making at least 100 points a week minimum. Many of our customers make much more but this is the minimum we want people to make. All you need to do is make 20 points a day and with our day trader one system that is very simple. Just follow our rules.

Lets your profits run cuts your losses

Naturally there are the odd losing trades. No trading software is 100% accurate. You do get the odd losers. However the day trader one gives very small stops so your trades are all very low risk. This means when you do get the odd loser it has barely any effect on your trading account..

Back tested over all historical data available

We really wanted to make sure we had the best piece of trading software possible so we back tested the system over all the historical data available. Once you follow exactly what the system says it has a success rate of over 80.% This is incredible. We are unaware of any other trading system on the market. The day trader one has been making money for many many years now and there is absolutely no reason why it should not continue to do so.

Captures the major market moves

One of my favorite features of the day trader one is the support and resistance dots. We all know that so many major moves in the market come from support and resistance. However the problem is traders always disagree over support and resistance areas. The day trader one is coded to tell you exactly where support and resistance is so you know can use support and resistance to determine where the big moves will begin and end.

Incredible value

Some trading software is sold on the market for as much as £3000. We feel this is not good value so ours is literally half of that. We really do offer incredible value. Using the strategies we teach you with proper money management, you can easily make back the purchase price in less than a month. Once you have the day trader one system, it is yours for life. This means you can easily make the purchase price back every month for the rest of your life. This is why we think the day trader one is such good value.

We trade the system ourselves

Unlike most companies we have such confidence in our trading software and trading indicators we actually trade them on our own live accounts. The day trader one is the product we use the most. We also have trading blog where we put videos and screenshots of the trades we take. You can see for yourself all the great trades our trading indicators and trading systems give. You can also use this an ongoing training. Once we take a trade we explain the reason behind it. Therefore you can quickly learn all the things we look for so you will soon be on the same level we are

We tell you our success rate.

Every month we publish our success rate so you know exactly how profitable the day trader one is. More importantly it gives you a rough idea of what kind of success rate you can expect to.

You can use it on any time frame

The day trader one can be used on anytime frame. We have customers trading it on 1 minute charts all the way up to weekly charts.

Very simple

Many trading systems and indicators can be incredibly complex. One of our major goals with the day trader one was to make it incredibly simple so anyone can use it with ease. According to the feedback we have had our customers agree this is very simple to use.

Check out the day trader one system here and start using a simple effective day trading system today.

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