What Type Of Trader Are You?

Trading is something which can make you very rich or very poor. It needs your total attention and there are no shortcuts, but if you get it right, you will never look back.

I was lucky enough to learn from a trader in his office who was making lots of money. I would look over his shoulder all the time and he would teach me little tricks. I never went through the internet education system and to be honest I am very thankful for that. These days the internet is full of people claiming they are trading when the only money they are making is from people buying their products.

Let me set the record straight when it comes to selling something online which is going to help other people make money you will find thousands of crooks trying to jump on board. They build courses that will leave you feeling like there is no way you will ever make money trading.

These courses are very generic, they are loaded will filler content to make you feel like you are getting value for money when quite frankly you are not. In-fact you are hindering your trading career sometime irreversibly.

What everyone needs is a trading coach, someone to help you as an individual, they need to find out how much time and money you have available, what your expectation of trading is and your experience so far. The trouble is this can be very expensive, usually around £1000 a day for a good coach and that’s a lot to ask for.

Over the last 10 years, I have owned 2 trading schools and at our beginners’ courses, I would see all sorts of people turn up. The trouble was it was so hard to teach 12 people with all different amounts of money and all different time available. So I switched to coaching people and have a success rate of 90%, the only problem with this is that not everyone can afford it and I like to keep a traders money in there trade account where it needs.

This is why I have built Dynamite Indicators the way it is. Firstly your FREE Trading Consultation will find out what sort of trader you need to be, maybe a day trader, a scalper or a swing trader, it all depends on how much time and money you have available. There is no point in day trading if you have a full-time job and there is no point of swing trading is you have only $500 to trade with.

Once we have completed your consultation which is within 24 hours of you completing a short questionnaire, we will give you our recommendation.

Its is crucial we get this right, so many people start trading the wrong markets at the wrong times with the wrong amount of risk and they leave trading with a negative experience and don’t come back.

So once you have our recommendation, if you chose to take one of our packages we will then set everything up for you, write you a personal trading plan and give you 1-hour coaching. You will also get access to our private facebook group and access to live webinars each month where we will keep you on track.

Traders cannot believe it when something that seems so simple changes there trading forever. This is because we built something that fits. The trading plan is a set of step by step instructions to follow each day. The coaching includes us setting everything up, showing you how everything works and looking at some live trading.

This is like having your own coach with all the software and support you need. It would be pretty hard to fail here. It’s so simple.

Go to the Trading Consultation page now and find out how you can profit from today.

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